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Jonathon Levy is a thought leader and "Smart Tools" expert best known for innovative user-centric solutions for activating and embedding methods at scale for the largest companies, governments, and leading universities in the world.

Jonathon is co-founder of LeveragePoint Innovations Inc., a 2009 spin-out from Monitor Group (now Monitor Deloitte), an advisory company created by Harvard Business School faculty. Jonathon created LeveragePoint in 2004 when was recruited to Monitor from Harvard as Senior Learning Strategist. While at LeveragePoint and Monitor he provided vision and leadership in direct client services engagements, externally-oriented knowledge building and networking activities, and next-generation projects that implement collaborative performance support systems and "real-time change management."

Formerly the Vice President for Online Learning Solutions at Harvard Business School's Publishing Corporation, he helped to create the first profitable business for online learning in the soft skills market. HBSP's online "performance support for busy executives," a new model of online learning providing real-time performance support for 2-million managers and executives worldwide, won an unprecedented nine industry awards in 2003 during his tenure.

Also while at Harvard he developed a working model of a dynamic performance support system for which he was awarded a USPTO patent. That invention serves as a blueprint for innovative "learn-while-doing" platform and drives the current paradigm well beyond "eLearning" to the intersection of knowledge, technology and consciousness.

In 1999 he was recruited to Harvard from Cornell University, where he was founding director of the Cornell Office of Distance Learning and for many years Assistant Dean at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations. While at Cornell his peers recognized him as a pioneer in the development of sustainable uses of technology for adult learning with three international awards for visionary leadership and outstanding achievement.

Jonathon has served as an adviser to the U.S. Government and to foreign governments and agencies in the use of technology for scaleable learning solutions. As a designer of real-time change management and just-in-time knowledge solutions, he is a passionate advocate for the use of those technologies to create economic progress and sustainable employment in developing nations through "Smart Jobs." Jonathon served as an advisor to the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD "Brain Trust") and has served on the advisory boards of high-tech companies, professional societies and educational foundations throughout the world.

He has consulted to and advised corporations and universities on six continents and has presented nearly 100 keynote speeches and featured presentations at major conferences in the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America. An acknowledged thought leader in the field of learning and technology, he has published numerous articles in professional management and education journals, including ASTD's T+D, Chief Learning Officer's CLO Magazine, Distance Educator, HR.com, and many others throughout the world. He is author of a column focusing on next steps in the converging field of e-Learning, knowledge management and technology in Chief Learning Officer Magazine and provided a bi-monthly feature column, "Sustainability," for Distance Learning, published by the United States Distance Learning Association. An advocate for creating change from the top down, he has conducted visionary leadership sessions "for CEOs only" in the US, China, and in Latin America.

A graduate of Ithaca College, Jonathon attended Masters-level programs in computing at Cornell's College of Engineering and in management at Syracuse University's Graduate School of Management.

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