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A Game-Changing Corporate Strategy: Transcending the University Model with Smart Tools 

Traditional eLearning is evolving into a new and more powerful solution that combines learning, performance tools, data, collaboration and change management on a single integrated platform. Flowing from a new conceptual model called Smart Tools, this innovative approach seamlessly supports contextual mash-ups of many disparate functions, resulting in a support platform that evolves and grows in value over time.

Created for the time-constrained business world in which companies struggle to compete, the new platform addresses the increasing knowledge and performance demands of the workplace that have only intensified in the past decade.

We’ll hear and see how this solution is being tested and measured at some of the largest companies in the world, how it activates their previously untapped intellectual capital, and how it helps them to prepare for an uncertain future with real-time risk management software that sees around corners to prepare for change that has not yet arrived.

Keynote Address by Jonathon Levy
Columbia University
New York City

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