international leadership:

Current Board Appointments, Honors, Patents, Awards
Patent US 7,082,418 US Patent Office, July 25, 2006 "System and Method for Network-Based Personalized Educational Environment"
The invention aggregates and integrates trusted digital content, the filtered tacit knowledge of the organization, and synchronous and asynchronous human interaction through an overarching taxonomy in a dynamic learning environment that supports the personal knowledge requirements of, and is directed by, the user. Serial Number 60/244,267, filed US Patent Office October 30, 2001. Issued July 25, 2006

Current Boards
Editorial Board Innovate - The Journal of Online Education (USA) 2005-Present
Provide guidance and editorial judgement for selection of articles on innovation in the online learning field.
Board of Advisors OpenTec (Mexico) 2004-Present
Guide and advise this Mexico-based technology and eLearning company in the development of innovative strategies and transcendent marketing opportunities.
E-Learning Brain Trust ASTD (USA) 2003-Present
Provide market analysis, identification of emerging trends, vision and focus for the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).
Advisory Board Recombo (Canada) 2003-Present
Provide practical advice and visionary guidance to this leading content integration (CI) technology company whose solutions unlock the value of information by a process that 1) Labels, 2) Assembles, 3) Packages, and 4) Delivers (LAPD) content to improve the performance of the enterprise.
Board of Advisors New England Learning Association (USA) 2003-Present
Provide programming guidance and perspective on the latest developments in the field to the New England Learning Association.
Advisory Board CIDA City Campus (South Africa) 2003-Present
Provide leadership and vision for the Community and Individual Development Association. CIDA City Campus has reinvented traditional models of higher education. Every student at this tertiary institution is on a scholarship and comes from a disadvantaged background. The passion behind CIDA is to provide mass-scale, quality higher education and to provide an effective human development strategy for the nation. Its vision is to contribute to the economic and social transformation of the sub-continent.
Board of Advisors TECHFoundation (USA) 2001-Present
Provide vision and guidance to this new public charity whose mission is to bridge the nonprofit digital divide by providing nonprofits with access to the technology, expertise, and capital they need to build a better tomorrow.

Previous Boards
Board of Advisors FIREOnLine, Inc (USA) 1999-Present
Provide eLearning expertise to this startup corporation that focuses on the asynchronous delivery of certification training programs to professionals in the financial, insurance, and real estate industries.
Board of Advisors Maximize Learning (India) 2004-Present
Provide international business and strategic guidance for this India-based eLearning company that helps its customers move from access to integration mode, and from technology adoption to educational innovation.
Board of Advisors Cognitive Arts 2001-2003
Provide vision and cutting-edge strategic perspective on the deployment of artificial intelligence and multimedia-based interactive learning for this 25-year old eLearning solutions company founded by Roger Schank.
Board of Advisors Docent 2000-2003
Provide market guidance and vision for a strategic business partnership that defines the technology and design requirements for the high end of the online management learning spectrum.
Founder & Chair Ivy-Plus Distance Learning Consortium 1997-1999
The IV+DL Consortium is composed of key faculty and administrators from Harvard, Yale, Pennsylvania, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, MIT, and Stanford.
Member, Nat'l Advisory Board Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy 1990-1997
Working in close cooperation with universities, research institutes, foundations, business, and government, the Institute seeks to identify, scientifically evaluate, and implement through public policy new, life-supporting, cost-effective programs and emerging technologies that provide holistic solutions to the critical problems confronting society.
Founder and Congressional Policy Advisor National Center for The Workplace 1991-1993
Drafted and guided the passage of federal legislation that formalized and funded the nation's first effort to bring together its top corporate, labor, academic, and government leadership in an attempt to understand the underlying issues that are responsible for the revolutionary changes taking place in the workplace, and to propose strategic public policy remedies.
President Cornell Institute for Collective Bargaining 1986-1990
Created a national forum of business and labor leaders to address major issues of mutual interest with cabinet-level government officials and key federal legislators. Orchestrated international symposia at Oxford and Cambridge Universities (U.K.); a trans-Atlantic two-way video-teleconference to create dialogue between business and academic leaders from fifteen countries; and several national conferences for senior executives in New York City and Washington, DC.

Awards & Honors
First Place Award Excellence in Distance Learning March 2001
American Distance Education Consortium, 2001 ADEC Award, Annual Meeting.
First Place Award Most Outstanding Achievement by an Individual in Higher Education March 1999
United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA), at IDLCON.
National Distance Learning Award Most Significant Advance in Two-way Motion Videoconferencing 1997
At TeleCon, 1997, for Cornell's "High Performance Virtual Classrooms."