Professional Appointments

The Leverage Learning Company LLC (May 2016 - present)
Founder and President Leverage Learning Solutions
Amplify capability: Share the knowledge that hides within the talent pool and make it easily accessible to everyone. Online "smart tools" create a rising tide of capability.

Performance Support: Top talent needs state of the art resources to enable them to focus their energy and expertise on the best outcomes. Leverage Learning provides the user-centric tools they need.
Capture and re-purpose tacit knowledge so best practices are available as and when needed in the context of the specific need.
Develop custom smart tools that help people excel in their jobs by learning what they need while they are doing their jobs. No discrete training is required.
Move large organizations toward a market-centric culture while gaining global alignment.
Create innovative online solutions blending working, learning, and collaboration for the timely achievement of strategic business objectives.
Develop open-ended programs that companies can easily update on their own, keeping the smart tools current and responsive to changing conditions.
LeveragePoint Innovations Inc. (January 2009 - May 2016)
Chief Strategy Officer LeveragePoint Innovations Inc.
Provide continuity of professional services for this spin-out from Monitor Group (LeveragePoint is owned in part by Monitor Group). Maintain continuity of Monitor client relationships, and continue business service activities for Monitor's clients. In addition, develop new business opportunities to create and license eWorking performance support systems for companies that are new to LeveragePoint.
Provide business development, advisory services and on-site support for clients throughout the world.
Provide advisory services for Fortune 200 global clients, focusing on the use of integrated knowledge and performance support resources for the achievement of strategic business objectives.
Create and market innovative online solutions that blend working, learning, and collaboration.
Be a visionary evangelist for the company through speaking engagements at professional conferences and through contributions to professional journals.
The Monitor Group (2003-2008)
Senior Learning Strategist LeveragePoint, a division of Monitor Group
Provide leadership and vision in direct client service, externally-oriented knowledge building and networking activities, and in innovative business development activities relating to performance support systems.
Senior Learning Strategist forLeveragePoint, the online learning division of Monitor. Provide visionary leadership and advisory services for Monitor's clients throughout the world, focusing on the use of learning and integrated knowledge resources for the achievement of strategic business objectives.
Working closely with Monitor experts and Fortune 100 clients, pioneered the creation of next-generation online learning products that offer simplicity of use and interface, compelling interactivity, non-linear navigation, user-centric design, and mini-simulations.
Advisor to corporations and governments on innovative strategies for management development and strategic human capital support using dynamic personalized performance-support technologies.
Harvard Business School (1999-2003)
Vice President Harvard Business Online a division of
Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation
Transformed a $2.5-mil annual loss to a $3-million annual profit with 30-percent margins on $10-million revenues. Led the market with next-generation product lines and innovative solutions for 500 corporate customers.
Working closely with Fortune 100 business leaders and Harvard faculty, defined and executed on the appropriate pedagogical and technological vision for a new model of online learning providing real-time performance support for 2-million managers and executives worldwide.
Online product line won an unprecedented nine awards in 2003, including the Workforce Management Optimas Award for Vision presented to an HBSP customer as the result of integration of HBSP's online learning solutions. Other eLearning awards in 2003 include: HR Executive Annual Top Training Products; Training Media Review's Top 10 Best Online Products; International CINDY Awards (3); MCAI's Awards in Media Excellence (AiME); Training Magazine's First Annual Achieving Performance eXcellence (APX) Awards; Training Media Review's First Annual Best2Buy Awards.
Cornell University (1979-1999)
Founding Executive Director Cornell University Office of Distance Learning (1997-1999)
Ceated global excutive education programs for corporate managers and distant students. Working closely with a university-wide committee of faculty, deans and administrators, defined a vision and then executed against that vision to create the Ivy League's first University-wide eLearning program.
Developed a new distance-learning organization serving traditional and non-traditional students, corporations, and alumni.
Developed and drove a business plan to meet market-share and revenue objectives through the deployment of new knowledge management programs that generate additional sources of revenue.
Working with a team of trustees and top administrators, provided leadership and expertise to articulate a conceptual, strategic, and business plan for the creation of a separate for-profit distance-learning corporation.
Developed innovative international distance-learning courses for multinational corporations and other universities.
Directed Cornell's Weill Medical College's Office of Distance Learning in New York City, providing vision and oversight for innovative distance learning and telemedicine programs for doctors, faculty, medical students, and the global medical community.
Negotiated innovative win-win distance-learning corporate partnerships with leading companies throughout the world.
Guided the integration of easy-to-use interactive communications technologies into Cornell's distance-learning programs in a manner consistent with the highest level of quality.
Inspired and coached professional staff, senior managers, directors, deans and faculty to identify previously unrealized opportunities that contribute to the achievement of the University's several missions through distance learning.
Designed and managed unique, award-winning world-class distance learning classrooms that utilize the highest levels of technology.
Provided the vision for the campus community in the adoption of innovative synchronous and asynchronous learning platforms and in the blending and integration of appropriate pedagogy-driven technologies for distance learning programs.
Formulated and articulated the vision for the expanded use of new electronic communications and instructional technologies.
Consulted within the University on the entire range of distance learning issues, including ownership, business models, pedagogical issues, technology selection and integration, and program and facility design.
Involved University Trustees and alumni in innovative distance-learning programs designed to advance the broad economic interests of the University.
Assistant Dean School of Industrial and Labor Relations (1982-1997)
Developed and implemented new distance learning programs. Implemented appropriate technological solutions to provide capacity for compressed digital video-teleconferencing, multi-media, LAN, Internet, and WWW connectivity in support of distance learning activities. Designed state-of-the-art distance learning classrooms.
Supervised the creation and development of the Information Technologies office, providing desktop support and LAN development and support for academic and administrative users.
Coordinated the design and construction of a $40-million learning and research center. Represented Cornell's interests with architects, consultants, and State officials. Provided creative leadership in addressing the multifaceted political dimensions of this project.
Served as chief financial officer (CFO) for the college, responsible for $30-million annual operating budget. Developed multi-year operating and capital budget forecasts and other modeling tools to articulate the School's strategic plan. Designed and implemented new strategies for institutional agility (to 1997).
Served as chief of staff and chief operational officer (COO) and advisor to the dean for institutional planning, policy development, budget administration, school administration, program development, and government relations.
Managed the directors of information technologies, academic computing, construction management, business office, human resources, grants and contracts, administrative services, facilities management, and special programs.
Managed the School's Advisory Council, Federal and State legislative relations, news media and public relations programs. Oversaw the production of promotional films, videotapes, brochures, displays, and assisted in creating a World-Wide Web presence for the School.
(from 1990 to 1993) Drafted and secured the passage and authorization of and funding for Title XV of the Higher Education Amendments (Reauthorization Act) of 1992, creating and funding this country's first National Center for the Workplace. Assembled a bipartisan coalition of members of the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and key White House and Labor Department officials (1991-93).
Director of School Relations School of Industrial and Labor Relations (1980-1982)
Served as chief institutional advancement and public affairs officer of the college.
Created the School's first comprehensive corporate relations program by providing unique educational and collegial opportunities for senior corporate executives, resulting in a 600% increase of corporate support over three years.
Created the "ILR Presidents," an elite group of CEOs who previously had no ties to the college. Donations increased 1,500% over five years.
Directed and supervised the staff of the Division of School Relations in a period of rapid growth and expansion. Increased annual fund from $85,000 in 1980 to $1.2-million in 1988. Total endowment grew from $545,000 (cumulative total from 1944-80) to $5.4-million in 1988.
Supervised the creation of a 30,000-record on-line computer database for alumni, conferences, publications, corporate relations and other external publics.
Installed a major donor tracking and development program resulting in greatly increased contributions.
Produced several films, videotapes, magazines and other publications and public relations materials.
Administration Systems Analyst Graduate School of Management (1979-1980)
Developed Management Information Systems (MIS) for the Public Affairs and Development office. Computerized the School's Career Services department. Conducted systems analysis resulting in a comprehensive program for MIS support in corporate and alumni relations.
American Foundation for the Science of Creative Intelligence (1973-1979)
Chairman Conducted seminars, executive retreats and public awareness programs at Cornell University and throughout the region. Coordinated staff teaching activities and symposia on the Science of Creative Intelligence and its applied technique, the Transcendental Meditation program (TM), for business, professional and educational groups and the general public. Led colloquia for faculty, students, executives and mental health professionals. See TM in Business.
Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce (1967-1973)
Executive Vice President Chamber of Commerce
Directed and counseled a staff of twelve professionals in implementing a broad-based program of community development during a turbulent time of social change and polarization.
Created and facilitated workshops to open communication between students and business groups, designed to increase mutual respect and understanding, and to reduce tensions in the volatile late 1960s.
Pioneered an On-the-Job Training program that resulted in an 80% retention rate for previously unemployed individuals.
Received two national awards for outstanding leadership and innovative programs from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
Led the business community's efforts to rebuild the arson-destroyed Africana Studies Center at Cornell University. Received special commendation from Cornell and the Tompkins County Board of Representatives.
Created Tompkins County's first countywide tourism and retail development programs.
Organized public policy fora with congressional and state legislators.