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The International Conference on E-Learning in the Workplace, New York City, NY USA June 9-11, 2010 Keynote: "A Game-Changing Corporate Strategy: Transcending the University Model with eWorking"
Learning Innovation Network, Boston, MA April 28-29 Keynote: "Blending Learning and Working To Improve Productivity”
ExpoManagement 2007, Mexico City, Mexico June 13-14, 2007 "Virtual Collaboration: A Powerful User-Centric Way to Activate Social Networking for Online Performance Support”
Keynote Address: eLearning Guild, Boston, MA April 11, 2007 "Changing the Game: Why the Next Generation of Online Learning Resets Everything to Zero”
Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM), Tampa, FL February 22-23, 2007 "B-to-B Marketing: Beyond Best Practice to Next Practice”
Online Educa Berlin, Berlin, Germany November 30, 2006 "Changing the Game: Why the Next Generation of Online Learning Resets Everything to Zero.”
Online Educa Berlin, Berlin, Germany November 29, 2006 "It's Not about Learning, it's about Doing: Creating User-Centric Solutions.”
Keynote Address: Stanford Research Institute eLearning Forum, Menlo Park, California November 15, 2006 "A Game-changing User-centric Corporate Knowledge Strategy that Transcends the University Model for both Content and Platform"
CSTD Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada November 8, 2006 "Getting the 'University' out of Corporate Learning: Now there's a Better Way"
Keynote Address: Magno Evento de Tirh, Mexico City, Mexico, August 30 2006 "Formacion y Desarrollo a traves del Blended Learning"
e-Learning Brazil: Congresso 2006, Sao Paolo, Brazil June 27-28, 2006 "Faster Performance, Greater Results: The New Model of Online Learning"
Innovations in e-Learning Symposium, Defense Acquisitions University and George Mason University, June 7, 2006 Fairfax, VA, USA "Changing the Game for e-Learning"
Mobile Knowledge Workers: Providing Solutions for Performance, London UK, March 22, 2006 "The Future Isn't What it Used to Be: Why the Next Generation of Online Learning Resets Everything to Zero!" (10-minute video)
ASTD TechKnowledge 2006, Denver, CO February 2, 2006 "A Collaborative Strategy for Next-Generation Design (Monitor and Cisco)"
Online Educa Berlin, Berlin, Germany November 30-December 2, 2005 Workshop: "Insight into the Critical Uncertainties: the eLearning Scenarios (Nov. 30)
Presentation: "The Fourth Revolution: Capturing Collective Corporate Knowledge" (Dec. 1)
E-Learn 2005, Vancouver, CA October 24, 2005 "The Future Isn't What It Used To Be: Why The Next Generation of Online Learning Resets Everything to Zero!"
Training Conference & Expo and Online Learning, Long Beach, CA October 16, 2005 "What is Quality? Achieving Level 5 Learning Experiences Today"
The Conference Board, New York City October 6, 2005 "Cracking the Code"
Congresso 2005: The Impact of Learning On Performance, Sao Paolo, Brazil June 14-16, 2005 "Content and Technology Solutions that People Actually Use!"
ASTD International Conference and Exhibition, Orlando, FL June 5, 2005 "The Fourth Revolution: Learning as Business Strategy"
Knowledge Management Conference: America-Israel Chamber of Commerce & Industry, New York City, NY April 14, 2005 Opening Keynote Address
Online Learning and Training 2005 Conference and Expo, New Orleans, LA March 2, 2005 "The Knowledge Warriors: Sustainability Within Reach"
Online Educa Berlin 2004, Berlin, Germany December 1-3, 2004 "Breaking the Boundaries: Online Learning as a Disruptive Technology for Social Change"
TechLearn 2004, New York City, NY November 17, 2004 "Within Reach: A CLO Consensus of Sustainable eLearning"
TechLearn 2004, New York City, NY November 14, 2004 Workshop 1-5 PM: "Insight into Critical Uncertainties: The eLearning Scenarios"
The Knowledge Exchange 2004: The National Convention of the Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD), Toronto, Ontario, Canada, November 3, 2004 "Linking Corporate Training to Business Results: An Innovative Approach"
Norwegian elearning network Research and Educational Network (REN) in Boston, MA, October 18, 2004 "The Extraordinary Future of Online Learning"
Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Fall Symposium: Innovations in Enterprise Education and Leadership Development, Bonita Springs, FL, September 30, 2004 Panel: "Technology-Based Learning: Innovative Approaches"
Factiva Corporate Advisory Board, Factiva.com, Boston, MA, July 15, 2004 "Sustainable Uses of Technology for Learning"
Tec de Monterrey (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey), Monterey, Mexico, May 19, 2004 "How Developing Countries Can Use Knowledge and Technology to Increase Employment and Speed Economic Development"
eLearning and the Future of the Mexican Workplace, sponsored by U.S. Embassy, Consist Mexico, Harvard Business Review, and others; in Mexico City and Monterey, Mexico, May 18 and 20, 2004 "A New Path to Economic Development: Learning Technologies for Global Competitive Advantage"
Congresso 2004: Evolution from Teaching to Learning, Sao Paolo, Brazil May 12-13, 2004 "The Evolution of a Learner-driven Strategy for Economic Growth."
MIT International Symposium & Workshop, Learning International Networks Consortium (LINC),Cambridge, MA March 26, 2004 "How Developing Countries Can Use Knowledge Ecosystems to Achieve Competitive Advantage"
Dundee Business School, University of Abertay, Dundee Scotland, March 19, 2004 "Disruptive Innovation in Executive Education"
Instructional Design and Curriculum Development for Internal Training, Toronto, Ontario, Canada January 27-28, 2004 "Small is Big: Instructional Design in a Personalized Performance-support World"
American Express Millennium3 Corporate eLearning Summit, December 5, 2003 "The Next Big Step: A Sustainable Corporate Model of Performance Support"
MIMC, Boston, MA, November 19, 2003 "Knowledge Management and Business Learning"
South African e-Learning Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa, September 1-2, 2003 "Corporate Wisdom: Using eLearning and Knowledge Management for Competitive Advantage"
First International eLearning China Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland, July 22-24, 2003 "Will China Leapfrog the West in Achieving a Breakthrough Online Learning Model?"
Enterprise Ireland: Global Learning and Training Expert Conference, Dublin, Ireland, July 8-10, 2003 "Growing the Intelligent Enterprise: A Predictable Solution to Unpredictable Change"
Global Webinar (interactive Internet broadcast) June 24, 2003 "Achieving a Sustainable Business Model of Online Learning"
CEO Executive Dialogue, Child Health Corporation of America, Park City, Utah, June 4, 2004 "Growing the Intelligent Enterprise: Managing Change through Online Business Performance Management"
Boston eLearning Association (BELA), Newton, Massachusetts, May 13, 2003 "Beyond the White-Water: Sustainable e-Learning for Business Performance" (link to video and slides)
eLearning Brazil Congress Sao Paolo, Brazil, April 17, 2003 "Performance Support: Just-in-Time for Latin America"
eLearning Brazil Congress (CEO Panel), Sao Paolo, Brazil, April 15, 2003 "Best Practices in e-Learning"
International Seminar in Distance Learning, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, April 14, 2003 "A Sustainable Model for Online Learning"
KMPro, London, UK, March 31, 2003 "The Marriage of Knowledge and Technology"
CEO Seminar on Knowledge and Corporate Growth, SmartAccess, National Accounting Institute, Beijing and Shenzhen, China August 17-28, 2002 "The Next Step: Integration of Online Learning and Knowledge Management"
Bridge2Think, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia August 28-September 4, 2002 "A Strategic Vision for Corporate Knowledge Management"
CEO Breakfast Briefing (Accenture), Disussion Leader - CEO Seminar, New York City, NY June 19, 2002 "Linking Corporate Education to Business Results: An Innovative Approach"
The New Media Innovation Centre (NewMIC), Vancouver, Canada June 6, 2002 "eLearning Beyond the Tipping Point"
Docent Webinar, Boston, MA May 15, 2002 "Creating a Shared Vision: Using eLearning to Transform the Enterprise"
Chief Learning Officer Xchange, Boston, MA May 8, 2002 "The Integration of eLearning and Knowledge Management"
Docent and Richardson Webinar. November 6, 2001 "Measuring and Maximizing Results"
Docent and Richardson Webinar. October 23, 2001 "The Ecosystem of e-Learning 2005"
Instructional Systems Association's (ISA) Sales & Marketing Conference 2001, San Francisco, CA September 5, 2001 "How Learning Drives Growth" (Opening Expert Panel) at "Growth Strategies for Sales & Marketing Leaders"
Cornell/EACUBO Administrative Managment Institute. Ithaca, NY July 27, 2001 "Creating University Value with e-Learning"
The National Policy Association. Boston, MA June 27, 2001 "Crossing the Digital Divide to Digital Economic Opportunity: Creating Knowledge Warriors"
The University of Oslo, UNIVETT Section for Continuing and Distance Education, Department of Academic Affairs and Research Administration. June 13, 2001 Oslo Norway "Etter- og videreutdanningsforum 2001- EVU-forum" (Continuing Education Forum 2001)
General Session, The Research and Education Network, Norwegian Trade Council. Oslo Norway June 11, 2001 "The Changing Environment: Opportunities for Universities in the eLearning Age"
The Dirigo Institute, Sebasco, Maine May 31, 2001 "The Changing Workforce: E-Learning & The Knowledge Worker"
Corporate Universities 2001: Benchmarks for Learning in the Digital Economy," Las Vegas, NV May 5-9, 2001 "Dynamic e-Learning: The Convergence of e-Learning and Knowledge Management"
Improving Productivity in a Tightening Economy, Centra/Docent (co-sponsors), Downtown Athletic Club, New York City, NY April 26, 2001 "Creating Corporate Value with eLearning"
The Conference Board of Canada, Toronto, Canada April 10, 2001 "The e-Learning Bridge Between the Corporation and the University"
COMDEX, Chicago IL April 3, 2001 "Disruptive Knowledge- The Training and eLearning Revolution" (Chair)
The Annual Meeting of the Eastern Association of College and University Business Officers (EACUBO), Boston MA October 17, 2000 "Corporate Universities and Traditional Universities: Collision or Convergence?"
General Session, The Global Council, at Thunderbird: The American Graduate School of International Management, Glendale AZ October 11, 2000 "e-Business and e-Learning: Exploring the Terrain"
Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and the Silicon Valley e-Learning Network. Stanford Research Institute, Menlo Park, CA September 18, 2000 "Establishing the Economic and Pedagogical Standards for e-Learning"
The Sloan Seminars on Distance Learning: For-profit Subsidiaries--Why Not?, New York City March 16, 2000 "Fusion Education: A New Model for Corporate and Higher Education Partnerships"
Blackboard Learning '99, Washington, DC December 5-7, 1999 "The Evolution of Online Learning"
Potenciando el Capital Intelectual para Crear Valor (The Potential of Intellectual Capital to Create Value), CIET - PDVSA. Caracas, Venezuela October 18-22, 1999 "Creating Corporate Value with eLearning" & "Corporate Knowledge Management and Cooperative University Strategies" Workshop
AACSB Learning Technologies Conference, International Association for Management Education, American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI June 6-8, 1999 "Convergence: Merging Corporate Universities and Schools of Business"
Founders Conference, Association to Advance Lifetime Education, University of Colorado, Breckenridge, CO May 23-26, 1999 "Convergence: Strange Footprints to Virtual Universities"
Featured Sessions
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The Future Reloaded: Trends in Higher Education 2004, Phoenix, AZ, February 20-22, 2004 "A More Sustainable Learning Model: The Role of Technology, Universities, Corporations, and Government"
ASTD TechKnowledge® 2004, Anaheim, CA February 7-11, 2004 "Growing the Intelligent Enterprise: Manage Change in Real-Time With Online Business Performance Support"
World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, & Higher Education, Phoenix, AZ November 8-11, 2003 "A Truck is not a Horse: Releasing the Innovation from the eLearning Invention for Sustainable Growth"
ExpoManagement 2003, Sao Paolo, Brazil November 3, 2003 "Creating a Sustainable and Profitable Online Learning Program for Management Content"
Better Management National Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada October 16, 2003 "Corporate Wisdom: Growing the Intelligent Enterprise through real-time Online Change Management"
Online Learning 2003 Conference and Expo, Los Angeles, CA September 22-24, 2003 "Corporate Wisdom: Achieving Strategic Coherence Through Knowledge Management"
ASTD TechKnowledge 2003: Truth in E-learning, Orlando, FL January 28-30, 2003 "End Game: The Convergence of Knowledge Management and E-Learning"
ExpoManagement 2002, Sao Paolo, Brazil November 6-8, 2002 "Creating Corporate Coherence: A Sustainable Model for Electronic Performance Support"
Online Learning 2002 Conference and Expo, Anaheim, CA September 23-25, 2002 "A Unified Field for Online Learning: Collapsing the Boundaries of Digital, Human, Inside and Outside"
Collaborate Conference & Expo, Boston, MA June 27, 2002 "Customer Driven Learning: A Solution for Integrating Collaborative Knowledge"
American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), International Conference & Exposition, Orlando FL June 4, 2001 "Attracting and Retaining Knowledge Workers through New Standards-based e-Learning Programs"
Training 2001 Conference and Expo, Atlanta, Georgia March 5-7, 2001 "Dynamic Learning: Last Man Standing"
21st Century Executive Symposium, Sponsored by KPMG, KPMG Consulting, and NACUBO, Washington, DC, March 4, 2001 "The Role of Information Technology in Business Strategy"
e-Business Forum 2001, Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), Caracas Venezuela February 20, 2001 "Riding the Wave: New e-Business Models that Capitalize on Disruptive Technologies"
TechLearn 2000, Orlando, FL November 13, 2000 Featured speaker and panelist: CEO Panel on the Future of Corporate e-Learning
ePub Expo, New York City, NY November 1, 2000 Featured speaker and panelist: "Digital Content in a Disintermediated World" General Session
Executive Leaders in e-Learning conference, NYC, NY June 16, 2000 (sponsored by VIS Corporation and Securities Industry Association) "The End of e-Learning" (featured speaker and panelist)
ExpoManagement Mexico City, Mexico June 4, 2003 "Managing Change Through Online Business Performance Management"
ExpoManagement Madrid, Spain May 22, 2003 "Managing Change Through Online Business Performance Management"
Performance 2002: Optimizing Employee Performance, Productivity and Profitability (Linkage, Inc.), Miami, FL November 4-5, 2002 "Use e-Learning to Maximize Performance"
Corporate Training Conference, at e-Learning Conference & Expo, Washington DC April 11, 2002 "Harvard's Just-in-Time Performance Support: Knowledge Workers or Knowledge Warriors?"
International Distance Learning Conference (IDLCON), at USDLA e-Learning Conference & Expo, Washington DC April 10, 2002 "Getting There Together: A win-win model for Higher Education and Corporate Universities"
Creating a Virtual Corporate University: E-Learning Best Practices, Corporate University Exchange, San Francisco, CA July 31, 2000 "Corporate Universities and Traditional Universities: Collision or Convergence?"
Online Learning In Management Education: Strategies For Success (sponsored by University Access Corporation) Santa Monica, CA June 8-9, 2000 "The End of e-Learning: A Fusion Model"
AACSB (The International Association for Management Education): Business Schools and Corporations: Closing the Gap San Diego CA April 11, 2000 "The Transformation of Management Education in the New Millenium"
AECT 2000 International Convention, The Association for Educational Communications & Technology, Long Beach, CA February 16-20, 2000 "Fusion Education and Distance Yearning: The Convergence of Everything"
EDUCAUSE '99: Celebrating New Beginnings, Long Beach, CA October 26-29, 1999 "Convergence: Multimedia, Multimode, Multibandwidth in Blended Distributed Learning Programs"
EDUCAUSE '99: Celebrating New Beginnings, Long Beach, CA October 26-29, 1999 "The Convergence of .COM with .EDU"
5th International Conference, Asynchronous Learning Networks (ALN), University of Maryland, College Park, MD October 8-10, 1999 "Convergence: A New Model for Continuing Professional Education"
Americas Picturetel User Group, Eighth Annual Conference, Sacramento, CA September 12-15, 1999 "Multimedia and Multibandwidth: Blending ISDN and Streaming Video in Distributed Learning programs"
15th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning, University of Wisconsin, Madison WI August 4-6, 1999 "A New Model for Global Partnerships: Merging Executives and Grad Students, Synchronous and Asynchronous Delivery, Video and the Web over Four Continents"
National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO), 1999 Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX July 17-20, 1999 "A Cost-Benefit Model for Online Continuing Professional Education"
ED-MEDIA 1999, World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications, AACE, Seattle WA June 19-24, 1999 "Video Streaming Medical Grand Rounds: Convergence of Real Time, Any Time, LAN, WAN and Internet Delivery"
The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, April 22, 1999 "Issues in Distance Education: Building a Business Plan"
The Blackboard Summit: The Internet and Today's Academic Computing Imperative, Washington DC, April 8-9, 1999 "Convergence: Using the Web in Distance Learning"
International Seminar on Networks and Distance Education, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 9-11, 1998 "The Age of Convergence: Using Video without Pain"
OnLine Learning '98, Anaheim Ca, Sept. 25, 1998 "Integrating OnLine Learning into Overall Educational Strategy"
OnLine Learning '98, Anaheim Ca, Sept. 24, 1998 "Developing Cornell's High-performance Interactive Virtual Classrooms"
TeleCon XVII, Anaheim, CA, Nov 6, 1997 "Designing the Fully Interactive Virtual Classroom"
Conference on Instructional Technologies, SUNY Faculty Access to Computing Technology (FACT), 1997 "Designing the On-line Interactive Video (virtual) Classroom"
PictureTel Users Group National Meeting (1997). "Designing Large Room Solutions for Distance Learning"
Academy of Management annual meeting 1995 "Talking Truth to Power"
Cambridge University, U.K. / PictureTel Users Group 1993 "Creating an Instant Distance Learning Conference Facility"